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Right Good Writing!

The Covid-19 Lockdown has brought many challenges, struggles and difficulties for people across the country, for us the interruption to our Public Acts journey and weekly engagement with our partner organisations and the people who took part in the workshops was hugely disappointing. However, in true Public Acts style members of both Doncaster and London Public Acts programmes have come together to uphold the rich Public Acts values of being Generous, Open and Brave by taking part in a six week writing course with Public Acts Associate Rosie MacPherson.

Although new to the (sometimes challenging) technology and forum of online workshops, this group made up of wonderful people from Doncaster and London, were able to meet, write and unite in a way that would not have previously been possible. It was fantastic to hear these fantastically talented writers sharing their work, and being so welcoming and supportive of each other. The group leader, and professional theatre maker and writer, Rosie MacPherson guided the group through writing exercises that explored stories, character and finding your writer’s voice.

Rosie said..."I have been absolutely blown away by the skill and generosity of everyone that has taken part. There are so many exciting voices and ideas and I really hope you all continue to write, our industry needs you! It has been such a supportive group and makes me really proud to be part of the Public Acts family. Thank you so much to everyone for sharing your work and ideas and championing each other.

Group participants fed back that it was “ I have thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 sessions which grew 2 interesting characters and challenging themes. But I just need to find their story! Thank you so much to Public Acts and Cast for this amazing learning opportunity.”, “Very great course it really helped me shake off my writing doubts and find my writing voice this was unexpected. Also great to see others creativity on display acts as inspiration” and “It was a lovely generous community activity to support us during lockdown.”

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