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A local charity, which was founded by Mike Niles and which aims to take social isolation and loneliness through recruiting voluntary befrienders to give their time to visit/support an elderly person. b:friend riend works in partnership with other local services and charities to identify older people who are at risk, who are then matched up to a befriender. The befrienders can offer as little or a much time as they wish to build and develop relationships with the older person they are paired with and support can include a cuppa and a chat, a visit or trip and is tailored to meet the needs of the older person. B Friend operate 5 social groups across Doncaster and receive small pockets of funding to employ staff to facilitate these groups. 

Conversation Club 

The Doncaster Conversation Club is a registered charity and provides a welcome to new arrivals into Doncaster focussing on asylum seekers and refugees. It aims to provide a sanctuary where clients can escape loneliness and isolation.  For many who may have experienced endemic corruption and brutality from the authorities in their homeland it tries to build bridges and grow the trust between them and the officialdom here in the UK. The Club meets once a week at Quaker Meeting House Doncaster and offers free food and drink, NHS health bus access, ESOL lessons, access to Migrant Help, internet access, support in filling in forms for claims, benefits or any of the bureaucracy they encounter, informal translation, food parcels, liaison with schools, liaison with G4S, liaison with local supported housing associations, counselling/relaxation, day trips and sports activities and help with any other problems individuals may have. The Conversation Club is staffed by volunteers which include a retired GP, retired teachers, ex social work professionals and an array of individuals who give up their time to support the most vulnerable. 


Edlington Community Organisation (ECO)

Edlington Community Organisation (ECO) is a community charity based in the centre of Edlington, Doncaster. Based at Yorkshire Main Community Centre ECO’s aim is to improve and regenerate Edlington and its surrounding areas to make it a better place to live for all generations present and yet to come, and has achieved 1 million pounds in funding and contracts since its formation in the late 90’s.ECO's mission is to work in active partnership with the community for the community to regenerate the area and improve the quality of life for all. ECO are a not for profit charity and any money raised goes back into the community to provide essential services and projects. As a thriving community organisation ECO deliver a range of services and projects for young and old alike, details of which is shared through their Facebook and Instagram pages. PA will be working with their after-school provision which offers a safe space for parents and children to relax, have fun, play games and spend time together after school. 

Creative Directions

Creative Directions is a group for adults that uses art workshops to help people experiencing mental health difficulties get back on track. This is an open access group which meets at local arts centre ‘The Point’ and offers a morning session 10-12 which is a free choice creative session with a bespoke artist led session 1-3pm.  Artists design creative activities to help individuals ‘express themselves and develop new friendships, learn new skills and ignite new passions’. The workshops are free to any adult experiencing mental health difficulties or feelings of loneliness and stress. Cast and Creative Directions have been working in partnership for the past 2 years as part of the Social seats project and have been regular attendees at the theatre to watch performances and take part in workshops Referrals into the Creative Directions group will be made by Sober Social – a drop in community centre for anyone who will benefit from it, but set up for those recovering from addiction. Changing Lives will also be referring to the group, Changing Lives operate a number of services aimed at supporting vulnerable individuals and families and who work in partnership with organisations such as the WEA. 

Cast Young Company 

Doncaster LGBTQ Youth is the town’s leading partnership advocating for and supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people and beyond. ‘We envision a world in which all LGBTQ children, young people and families enjoy the freedom to live safely, openly, and be true to themselves.’ The youth group is run by Doncaster Council Youth Worker’s with support from volunteers. They are currently working with CAST on the Youth theatre production. Cast Youth theatre – young people who attend Cast’s youth theatre will also form part of this group. These young people are likely to be aged 11-14 and come from diverse backgrounds. 


Right Up Our Street

RUOS will be supporting the delivery of Public Acts and have been working collaboratively with Cast for the past few years. Right Up Our Street’s mission is to provide a programme which is a successful combination of the imagination and inspiration of the artists, and the understanding and aspiration of Doncaster’s local communities. In simple terms RUOS need to create great pieces of art that people in Doncaster want to engage with. 

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